Poster Session Guidelines

Dear AMCIS 2014 Poster Session Presenters,

The poster session is scheduled for August 9th (Saturday) from 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM in Chatham Ballroom AB. You may find the following guidelines useful as you prepare your poster.

  •  Eighty-six double-sided boards will be ready for you in the Chatham Ballroom AB. Each of your entries is numbered 1 through 172 and the boards will be numbered 1 through 172. Please look for a board with your number on it.
  • Bring a full-size HORIZONTAL poster. The maximum poster board dimensions are: 4’ W x 8’ L with 1.5 inch trim finish. Please see an example in the attached file: Horizontal Poster Image. You may bring a full-size or a smaller size custom-made poster and post it on the provided board. Please check local stores near the conference hotel in case you intend to have your poster made and picked up in Savannah. Keep in mind the maximum dimensions while creating the poster! Pushpins and tape will be available onsite.

  • The boards will be available in the Chatham Ballroom AB 45 minutes before your session (at 11:15 AM). Please plan on placing your poster on your assigned board between 11:15 AM and 11:45 AM (15 - 45 minutes before the session starts).

  • Most importantly, plan to be on duty next to your poster during your poster session. You may want to bring a few copies of your full paper and/or a sign-up sheet for those who may request a copy of your paper.

  • Please check the AMCIS website to see updated instructions for the poster session (e.g., layout of room, number of posters, changes, etc.)

  • If the paper was coauthored, please share this information with your coauthor(s).

For questions or comments please contact Doug Battleson, AMCIS 2014 Poster Chair, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 404.413.7379.

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your posters in Savannah!



Douglas A. Battleson, EDB, PMP
AMCIS 2014 Poster Chair