Call for Participation

When:  Thursday, August 7, 2014
Where:  The Westin Savannah Hotel


Elena Karahanna, University of Georgia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sandra Slaughter, Georgia Institute of Technology, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The AMCIS Doctoral Consortium seeks to help Information Systems doctoral students in the middle to latter part of their doctoral studies (i.e., after their first year of the program) to develop an effective career plan based on their personal and professional goals. The consortium has three primary objectives: 1) provide networking opportunities for students with peers and faculty, 2) help students strategize about their research, dissertation, teaching, and career plans, and 3) prepare students for the job market.

The program includes six faculty panels, three for the Senior Doctoral Students track and three for the Mid-Stage Doctoral Students track. These focus on how to manage one’s research program, dissertation, teaching responsibilities, job search and career planning, and developing a scholarly profile and network. In breakout sessions after each panel, small groups of students will discuss the panel topic with their faculty mentors and fellow students. The intent is for students to apply the panel topic to their personal and professional goals, with input from faculty mentors and peers.

Participating Faculty:

Ritu Agarwal, University of Maryland
Anandhi Bharadwaj, Emory University
Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Florida International University
Izak Benbasat, University of British Columbia
Sue Brown, University of Arizona
Gordon Davis, University of Minnesota
Chris Forman, Georgia Institute of Technology
Varun Grover, Clemson University
Alan Hevner, University of South Florida
Laurie Kirsch, University of Pittsburgh
Yair Levy, Nova Southeastern University
Arun Rai, Georgia State University
Carol Saunders, University of Central Florida
Detmar Straub, Georgia State University
Ron Thompson, Wake Forest University
Youngjin Yoo, Temple University
 Bob Zmud, University of Oklahoma



AMCIS 2014 Doctoral Consortium Agenda

August 7, 2014

7:30- 8:00 AM

(Grand Ballroom C)

  8:00- 9:00 AM

Plenary Speaker: Gordon B. Davis
(Grand Ballroom B)


Track: Senior Doctoral Students
(Grand Ballroom B)

Track: Mid-Stage Doctoral Students
(Grand Ballroom A)

9:00-10:00 AM

Faculty Panel: Developing and Managing Your Research Program


Panelists: Ritu Agarwal, Arun Rai, Detmar Straub

Faculty Panel: Managing your Dissertation


Panelists: Anandhi Bharadwaj, Chris Forman, Youngjin Yoo

10:00-10:30 AM

Breakout session

Breakout session

10:30-10:45 AM


10:45-11:30 AM

Faculty Panel: Managing Your Teaching Responsibilities

Panelists: Irma Beccera-Fernandez, Ron Thompson

Faculty Panel: Transitioning to Teaching


Panelists: Susan Brown, Yair Levy

11:30-12:00 PM 

Breakout session

Breakout session

12:00- 1:00 PM 

(Grand Ballroom C)

  1:00 -  2:00 PM 

Faculty Panel: Managing Your Career and Job Search

Panelists: Varun Grover, Al Hevner, Carol Saunders

Faculty Panel: Developing a Scholarly Profile and Network

Panelists:  Izak Benbasat, Laurie Kirsch, Robert Zmud

  2:00-  2:30 PM 

Breakout session

Breakout session

  2:30-  2:45 PM