AIS, AMCIS, ICIS, or other major Information Systems conference organizational or administrative experiences:

Richard Watson
AIS President
ICIS 2004 Conference co-Chair
AMCIS 2006 Program co-Chair

Ephraim McLean
AIS Executive Director (1998-2007)
AIS Council, Executive Committee (1998-2007)
AIS Vice President (1995-1997)
AIS Organizing Committee (1994-1995)
ICIS 1998 Conference co-Chair
ICIS 1981 Conference co-Chair
ICIS 1986 Conference Chair
ICIS Sponsorship Chair or co-Chair (1984-2006)
ICIS Organizing Committee (1980)
ICIS Executive Committee (1980-1982; 1984-1987; 1991-2007)

Thomas Case
ICIS Program Committee (two-time AE)
SAIS President
SAIS Conference Chair
SAIS Program Chair
SIGED: IAIM President
SIGED: IAIM Treasurer

Kevin Lee Elder

AMCIS 2004 Education Track chair
AMCIS 2003 Education Track chair
AMCIS 2002 Mini-track chair
AMCIS 2001 Mini-track chair
SAIS Board of Directors
SIGED: IAIM Board of Directors
EDSIG: AITP Vice-President
EDSIG: AITP Board of Directors
Journal of Information Systems Education, Editor (1998-2000)

Amrit Tiwana
ICIS 2007 Research Panels Selection Committee
ICIS Program Committee (four-time AE)
HICSS 2005 Minitrack co-Chair
HICSS 2002 Minitrack co-Chair
HICSS 2001 Minitrack co-Chair
Information Systems Research: Associate Editor (2008-present)
Information Systems Research: Outstanding AE award (2009)
MIS Quarterly: Special Associate Editor (2008-2009)

Balasubramaniam Ramesh
ICIS 2009 Track co-Chair
ICIS Program Committee (two-time AE)
AMCIS 2007 Mini-track co-Chair
AMCIS 2006 Mini-track co-Chair
Journal of the AIS, Associate Editor (2005 - 2009)
HICCS 2000-2007 Mini-tracks Co-Chair
WITS Program Committee (2005-Present)
IEEE 2009 International Conference on Requirements Engineering Local-Arrangements Chair

Sandra Slaughter
ICIS 2009 Program co-Chair
ICIS 2000 Track Chair
ICIS Program Committee (five-time AE)
ICIS 2005 Doctoral Consortium - Faculty Counselor
Academy of Management OCIS IS PhD Doctoral Consortium 2007
WISE 1999 co-Chair
SIGCPR Program Committee
International Conference on Open Source Software Program Committee

Elena Karahanna
ICIS 2007, Junior Faculty Consortium Faculty
ICIS 2005, Doctoral Consortium Faculty
ICIS 2004, Senior Scholar Consortium Co-chair
ICIS 2001, Program Committee
ICIS 2000, Tutorial Co-chair
ICIS 1999, Program Committee
AMCIS 2005 Track Chair: IS Leadership
AMCIS 2004 Track Chair: IS Leadership
AMCIS 2003 Track Chair: IS Leadership
Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems 2011, Conference co-Chair
Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems 2010 Track Co-Chair: Health Informatics

Donald Amoroso
AMCIS 2004 Minitrack Co-Chair
AMCIS 2005 Minitrack Co-Chair
AMCIS 2007 Minitrack Co-Chair
ACM SIG-MIS 2005-2008 Secretary/Treasurer
HICSS 1998-2010 Minitrack Chair
IS One World 2004 Program Chair
ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management 2003 Program Committee
Colorado IS Conference 1998 Conference Chair

Bruce Kavan
ICIS 2004, Finance Chair
Telecommuting 1996 Conference Executive Director
NBEA Forum - Entrepreneurship 2002-2007 Editor
Technology 2007-2009 Editor